Cosmic Tuning

How do we do that? When we could not get the everlasting feel good factor from the modern philosophy, we turned to the ancient sciences for answer…. Astrology, Music Therapy and so many mystic sciences that helped ancestors to achieve the heights of success, prosperity and peace of mind.

Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is an ancient branch of horoscopic astrology in which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for the exact time at which the question was received and understood by the astrologer.

Vastushastra Consultancy

Vastu shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture. which literally translates to "science of architecture. These are texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry.Vastu Shastras incorporate traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs.

Mind awakening – through Invisible Solar Energy™

We get this signal on this Earth from the invisible solar energy.Buddha explored this mechanism in depth. This wisdom was passed on to his disciples. In Buddhism this technique got developed to agreat extent with the combination of sunrays and music.

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In the fast paced world full of competitive spirit, we have almost forgotten to have a heartfelt laughter. 

There were times not so long ago, we used to get rush of adrenaline after a nice talk and a big laughter with family. Now what we see is the family members sitting in front of television set simultaneously chatting on social media.  Getting ‘Likes’ is more important these days rather than visiting any of our relatives, friends or even neighbor. Social media is not bad but getting addicted without having one to one interaction in person is tearing apart the social fabric.

On professional fronts also the picture is not so encouraging.

When we ask ourselves, when we had a big laughter last time? The memory fails to cooperate. How will we get the anand (joy)? Or being anandi (joyful) ?

When being anandi  is in scarcity, what about being in the state of always happy? Being Nityanandi (always happy). So here we are. We are nityanandis. A group of professionals who dare to be in the state of being always happy…. Who are always nityanandis.

How did we do that?

 Actually we did it. When we could not get the everlasting feel good factor from the modern philosophy, we turned to the ancient philosophy. Let’s call it thinking (not to sound too serious…!) It sounded crazy to us initially, as we thought they would not be useful for the modern era. However, when we looked deeply, we found that the same thinking kept guiding our ancestors for thousands of years. Which also means that it was useful then… which also means that it should be useful even now! So the journey began two decades ago. In last two decades we experimented with many schools of thoughts and picked up what was best from everything.



So here we are ready to share the same thoughts with you. However, let us be very clear that the journey is not as simple as a cakewalk. One has to be prepared to take efforts. In this journey towards being nityanandi, we are always with you. In last two decades we have carefully developed few techniques which help us to reach our goals. The goals could be improvement of relations, having prosperity, success anything. Life does not stop at buying expensive house or a swanky car, come on we know one could be still unhappy in a beautiful penthouse.