5 Practical Antidotes For Fear and Worry

5 Practical Antidotes For Fear and Worry

Free yourself from physical, mental, and spiritual inharmonies—to create for yourself a life of enduring happiness and all-round success using the principles of Cosmic Tuning.

Cosmic Consciousness’s omnipresence is our omnipresence; that we are just as much a part of the universe now as we ever will be. It is our source of energy. All we have to do is improve our knowledge. 

Just like learning the laws of the road and getting a driver’s license, so can we learn and harness these cosmic laws.

It’s a strange truth how we as humans can protect ourselves from wild animals, yet, with all our great intelligence, don’t know how to protect ourselves from our own evil ways and destructive habits. The greatest enemy of all humankind is humans themselves. In order to gain progress in life, we must use carefulness, the adoption of certain methods, and arm ourselves with tools from cosmic consciousness—after all, we did not create these eternal laws, we only benefit or are penalized by them.

Many times, we avoid the obvious dangers, while it’s the subtle dangers that bite the hardest and covertly penetrate our hedge of protection.

In order to go safely through this jungle of life, you must equip yourself properly, and that means with proper weapons per the context of the spiritual battle we face every minute.

The wise man or woman who is armed against all forms of warfare against us—disease, accidents, against all evil thoughts and habits—becomes the victor in this adventure. It requires carefulness and, in addition, the adoption of certain methods by which we can overcome the enemies against us all.

As humans, we have been gifted an amazing and powerful weapon of protection—one that supplies more power than machine guns, aircraft artillery, poisonous gases, or even medicines—the mind. Since this is the case, it is our mind that must be strengthened and opened to allow cosmic tuning to take effect.

Learning to get hold of our mind with control, and keep it aligned with cosmic consciousness’s laws, is the key. It’s more than that. It’s the ultimate secret of a successful and happy human existence.

How Can You Align Your Mind?

By using mind power, and tuning the mind to cosmic consciousness through alignment with cosmic laws, and tuning in with Spirit. 

By doing this, you will avoid most of the ruts of life while avoiding many diseases of character and wrong habits. And when you suffer misfortune, it will only be for a time and you will have the attitude of a conquering person while being unafraid to move swiftly through.

You are eternally the image of cosmic consciousness. By knowing and realizing this fact, you can also know your soul is ever calm and immovable. You will learn the ability to control the mind under all circumstances. It’s almost like reaching a state of perfection—although no one is fully perfect on this planet. 

Moving forward, you will realize anything that weakens your mind is a great enemy, and anything that strengthens your mind is your harbor of safety.

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By constantly feeding the soul’s immortal power, there will always be a way out of your troubling circumstances. With a mind tuned into the frequencies of cosmic consciousness’s laws, you can think clearly and get rid of causes of anxiety while dismissing all worry. By doing so, you will become a master.

5 Ways To Use Cosmic Tuning To Rid Of Fear And Achieve Your Destiny

1- Meditate until you become calm, and it is then that you put your mind on your problem and pray deeply for the help of cosmic consciousness. 

2- In your self talk say, “I can’t solve my problem alone, even if I thought hundreds of thoughts; yet I can solve it by placing it in the hands of cosmic consciousness, as I allow cosmic guidance, and only then will I follow through by thinking out various angles for a workable solution.”

3- Now concentrate on the problem, and you will find a solution without going through tremendous worry.

4- Use any fear present by making it a stimulus to manipulate your inner consciousness to produce a mental device that will remove the cause of fear.

5- Do not let slavish fear germinate and multiply, as it will paralyze progress. It is ok however, to use loving fear as a motivator to act on a solution.

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The Truth About Fear

Fear cannot enter into a quiet heart. And what is a quiet heart? Fear comes from the heart. 

Anxieties surface in the heart through recognizing pain from previous experiences. To quiet the heart, you should breathe by inhaling and exhaling deeply, slowly, rhythmically, several times. Feel yourself relax with each repetition. This will return circulation to normal and quiet the heart, eliminating the feeling of fear.

Being cautious is not being fearful. We are given the spirit of fear as a protection device, but too often it works against us in preventing the achievement of life’s goals and desires. 

Once you use cosmic tuning to differentiate when fear is helping or holding you back, the pathway will be clear of fear and worry about moving into the paradise of life. 

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Martin enjoys writing and blogging. Martin has a background in Psychology, Mindfulness Practices, and Organizational Development. Martin believes the true teacher never controls anyone's life in any way—instead, they merely explain how to advance consciousness, and that results in true personal freedom.

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