Angel Cards And How They Differ From Tarot Cards

Angel Cards And How They Differ From Tarot Cards

While angel cards and tarot cards have a similar appearance giving you a very similar impression at first glance, the two are actually very different from each other.

The main difference between the two is that angel card readings are not used to predict the future (such as tarot cards).

Instead, cards of the angel readings are used to provide heavenly guidance and encouragement.

Angel card reading isn’t as well known in pop culture and in street readings as tarot. In the spiritual world the reading of angel cards has seen a huge increase in popularity. This is mainly due to the growth of the internet. Millions of people look to heaven on a daily basis for guidance, wisdom and understanding in their lives.

Angel Card Basics

What are angel cards used for? The main purpose of reading the angel cards is to receive careful and delicately delivered nurturing guidance from the angelic realm. Angel card readings can help you learn more about the current situation of life and you can receive encouraging wisdom from above source energy.

Angel card readings are not used for predicting the future (unlike tarot card readings). You may be asking specifically, what are angel cards? It’s important to note that angel cards and tarot cards both share some similarities. Both types of readings use cards and are read by a practitioner, however, those examples end the similarities.

Angel Card Readings

What happens during the reading of an angel card? The most common methodology used involves the recipient asking a question about a certain part of their life. Romance, relationships, family, work, and personal problems are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Once a topic has been established, the practitioner will use their skills to draw certain cards while interpreting the specific meanings behind those angel cards. These readings are not used to answer basic questions, but to provide general guidance. People use angel cards for support (not for direct answers about the future).

How To Read Angel Cards

Whether you do not have immediate access to someone qualified to give angel readings, or you want to try to do your own reading, the steps described below detail how angel readings are usually performed.

Find The Right Cards

Choosing a pack of angel cards is the first obvious step. Before you can even think about reading, you need to get your hands on some cards! Many online stores sell their own decks, all with different images, symbols or words.

What To Do Before Beginning A Reading

Most people who perform angel readings must be calm, and exude a soothing demeanor before the process begins. The best way to achieve this mood is to go to a quiet place and do a focusing meditation.

Through this meditation adjusting your vibrations and internal frequencies so you are more spiritually open. The point of doing this before attempting a reading is to try to tune in to the higher frequencies found in the angelic realms and in alignment with source energy.

Look To Heaven For Guidance

After you have purchased a few cards, the next step is to bless them and ask heaven for some angelic guidance. Most healers / readers will take the packet of angel cards, hold them close to them, and ask for a quick blessing. This is done before actually starting the reading process.

Shuffle The Cards And Ask Questions

Touching the angel cards places energy on them, which is an important part of the process. Playing them is an easy way to do this which also makes them work at the reciprocal vibrational level.

Once you have touched the cards and shuffled them, the next step is to ask a question. Simply ask the angels for guidance and then say the question aloud. When the question is asked, the cards will need to be rearranged. When you feel the need to stop at a certain angel card, stop and take that card out of the group.

Interpretation Of The Message

Different decks of angel cards have different symbols, meanings and interpretations. Readers can also offer their own interpretations, which can further complicate matters.

While reading on your own is a great way to learn and practice tuning into the angelic realm and source energy while providing insight into your life, unless you have spiritual experience with reading angel cards, it is usually recommended that you get your angel card readings from a professional.

Some people like to use different types of crystals to help in the reading of angel cards. There are different types of quartz crystal used by psychics and card readers to enhance their abilities. If you are struggling to accurately interpret the angel cards you draw, then consider using quartz to help you during readings.

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