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This is important in understanding who you are.

Nurtures: Essence is Being – Power of BirthCommunicates: Essence is Breath – Power of Spirit
Dreams: Essence is Intuition – Power of AbundanceTargets: Essence is Awareness – Power of Flowering/Blooming
Survives: Essence of Instinct- Power of Life ForceEqualizes: Essence of Opportunity – Power of Death
Knows: Essence is Healing – Power of AccomplishmentBeautifies: Essence is Art – Power of Elegance
Purifies: Essence is Flow – Power of Universal Water (The Quantum Field of All Possibility)Loves: Essence is Loyalty – Power of Heart
Plays: Essence is Illusion – Power of MagicInfluences: Essence is Wisdom – Power of Free Will
Explores: Essence is Wakefulness – Power of SpaceEnchants: Essence is Receptivity – Power of Timelessness
Creates: Essence of Mind – Power of VisionQuestions: Essence is Fearlessness – Power of Intelligence
Evolves: Essence is Synchronicity – Power of NavigationReflects: Essence is Order – Power of Endlessness/Eternity
Catalyzes: Essence is Energy – Power of Self-GenerationEnlightens: Essence is Life – Power of Universal Fire (Cosmic Intention)

Here Is What The Predictions System Does For YOU!

The NEW Mayan predictions system takes all the information and symbols from the old calendar and runs it through an amazing system called “Dreamspell,” which adapts the deep wisdom and star cycles to issues that are facing us today.

This combines both ancient wisdom and modern technology in a complex and completely unique way, all to produce what is called your Cosmic Energy Profile.

Remember, we are offering this service just to reveal to you the possibilities of who you are encoded in the new Dreamspell version of the Mayan Calendar for FREE today, and you can discover your true Mayan Zodiac Sign and get your Cosmic Energy Profile calculated without charge (just to get a taste of what you have been missing in your Astrological Readings up to now)! 🙂

There is no risk and no obligation required to simply enter your best email, and you will be sent to the “Dreamspell” page to enter your birthday and see your results.

Find out what your Mayan Seal on this ancient stone calendar would be, and what the ancient Priests would say about what that means about your secret abilities, personal challenges, and opportunities coming up in your life in the near (and more long distance) future…

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