Exercises To Overcome Fear

Use These Mind Exercise To Overcome Fear and Phobia

Fear is built into our human physiology in order to protect us from harm; as a cautionary device to spare us pain. Although most of us don’t need to worry about getting eaten by a tiger out in the jungle on a daily basis, we still have plenty to look out for in order to live to see another day. In this regard, fear is a good thing. 

The big problem with fear, however, is its stronghold on the human will. How to get over fear is a major challenge in our society today. Fear is not meant to be cultivated and abused like it so often is. 

Fear Becomes a Terrible Emotion That Stops Far Too Many

Fear becomes a huge detriment that keeps so many from pursuing their dreams and meeting the goals they have set for themselves year after year. Working with fear, and eliminating fear completely most times, is part of cosmic tuning.

The self-doubt it puts in people’s minds day after day is a tragic outcome of phobia. To not accomplish great things in the lives of so many is saddening. Things that would enhance everything about them, and bring more happiness in their lives and the people around them, are tough to watch. 

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If more people understood the principles of how to overcome fear in life, the numbers of self-actualizing individuals would sky rocket.

Imagine If Star Wars Was Never Created

What if George Lucas would have decided, while in college, allowing fear to persuade him to scrap the idea of drawing figures and creating his Star Wars stories?

Think of the millions of people who would have been robbed of the joy of one of the most amazing feats of intellectual creation in our time. The billions of dollars in commerce generated that other businesses are able to take part in and prosper from—to have never happened. How did he overcome fear?

Remove Fear From The Mind and Heart

Understanding how to remove fear from the mind and heart is going to become an enormous asset for those learning this information. Imagine what you’re going to accomplish once these principles of fear control are ingrained in your mind and soul. 

Steps To Overcome Fear

1- The only way to eliminate fear completely is to live every moment in the consciousness of your relationship with infinite Source Energy. Cosmic Consciousness that is. 

2- Turn the spotlight of attention inward, away from the limited visible human realm. The physical body has many problems and aches. It can be a nasty animal. To live only in the presence of this physical body is spiritually draining. 

3- You must learn to live more in silence. Learn to meditate. It may seem very uninteresting at first.

4- While meditating, peer into the darkness behind closed eyes and center your attention on your soul, which is your invisible self within. This internalizing of your mind and control of thoughts will gradually develop you spiritually. Your meditations will deepen, and your invisible self, Cosmic Consciousness within, will become real to you. 

5- Repeat over and over, “I am made in the spirit and image of Cosmic Consciousness. My invisible spirit is everlasting. My life cannot be destroyed.”

6- Find inner assurance that Cosmic Consciousness is within you by practicing faith through deep belief. 

7- Graduate to the level of realizing, through the steps in the process, fearlessness means faith in Cosmic Consciousness, where highest faith means fearless surrender to Cosmic Consciousness.

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