How To Know Your Life Purpose

How to know your life purpose

All of us are born with distinct destinies that are coded within our DNA.

Decoding such a complex algorithm however, is not most people’s cup of tea, right? You’re getting ready to find why that’s so, and you’re also about to acquaint yourself with what is coming to your rescue and how to find your greater self’s passion and purpose…

How To Find Passion And Purpose

In ancient times, people used the Mayan Calendar to decipher their life code while understanding the best way to align with their chosen fate.

The ancient people legitimately used this calendar to know what the correct time is to plant and cultivate certain crops, or who will be the best life partner for them, and so on. This is not the same as the Almanac. There are similarities yet this is completely different, so keep reading.

Here is where it all changed…

The Spanish sailed over in their ships and created an onslaught of havoc. 1The Spanish conquest of the Maya was a protracted conflict during the Spanish colonization of the Americas. This destruction changed the course of history and marked the destruction of the ancient Mayan Calendar and the establishment of the Roman Calendar. The age-old calendar—with its secret codes—got destroyed by the ravages of time and keeps you from being able to live your life on purpose.

You may wonder what the problem is with this Roman Calander; also called the Julian Calendar…

The problem is that there are certain inherent errors in it. Apart from lacking the secret code of your life, the new calendar lacks many days.

If you analyze it a little closer you’ll see that December is the 12th month of the year. But it was supposed to be the 10th month of the year….”Deca” meaning ’10’. Even October which comes from “Octo” meaning ‘8’, is instead the tenth month of the year. You’re getting my point, right?

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Those are just a few of the flaws I was talking about that block you from learning how to find your passion in life.

So, what are you going to learn, know, and be able to accomplish from decoding the material coded in your DNA?

Here’s a list of some of the life changing things you’re going to know:

  • The perfect career or job for which you are destined since birth.
  • Your soulmate and the necessary attributes that are best to be present in him/her.
  • People whose association is not good for you and whom you need to ignore for a solid havoc free future.
  • What the secret code of your better half is, and how it goes along with yours.
  • Decoding the secret codes of your children, and discovering what is going to be the correct decision for them.
  • Your best suitable partner to assist you in business-related activities.
  • How to go about discovering your hidden talents.
  • A code revealed for finding your passion & purpose in life.
  • And, the list goes on…..

How To Find Motivation And Purpose

How would you like to live all day everyday in a state of knowing you are living your purpose driven life?

Living without fear of not knowing what tomorrow will bring, and how to easily navigate around problems that arise. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs peaks with the state of self-actualization. This is where, once tuned into and applying the principles and laws of the universe, you can truly live everyday in a state of your exact purpose and whole self.

Confidence is a great feeling and far too many people lack it in their lives. The lack of it is easy to see in their eyes.

They look disoriented and like they are constantly searching. Many have their mouths open like they’ve seen an unusual animal in the wild. This absence of a solid grounding takes a toll on a person’s physiology and their nervous system. The majority of people lack the ability of how to find motivation and purpose because they are going about its discovery the wrong way.

How To Live a Life Of Purpose

It doesn’t need to be that way. The correction is simple and within your reach. Knowing this information will give you the supreme knowledge of how to know your purpose in life from God and source energy. Finding your purpose in God is the ultimate gift from life. It’s true success yet most wander away and never find it.

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There’s nothing to lose, and go here to see it and answer the question of how to discover your passion and purpose. BTW, this isn’t one of these books on finding your purpose in life that is based on some new and unproven mind psychology. How to find your soul purpose is a serious process and must be done carefully and with the right proven tools. We’re talking about several thousand years worth of wisdom here, not some new brain science that’s not stood the test of time.

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