Propane Adapters While Stargazing

Green Bottle Propane Solutions

Here is a cheaper way to adapt the Little Buddy compact heater.

Bob is showing how to use a filter but that’s just not needed. This is a permanent way to do it as the filter will or at least could clog and then what? No heat 🙁

You should be able to read the part numbers on the packages here. These were bought at Ace Hardware but you can get them on Amazon I think.

I did look them up on Amazon and at that time they were available.

If you want to see one of them on Amazon you can click this link. It takes you to the throwaway cylinder adapter.

You may or may not need the second one but you can look at it here.

You can also download this image to your phone and visit an Ace Hardware store. They are super helpful.

Keep in mind these fittings are heavy duty and will last many, many years. Actually probably a lifetime!

Happy camping!

Martin Hamilton

Martin Hamilton

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