Solfeggio Frequencies For Healing

Sound Healing

There is ancient wisdom in solfeggio frequencies.

By properly learning the skill-set of using these solfeggio frequencies for healing, we are better able to achieve more of our goals, create harmony in our mind and body, and even heighten the level of our DNA. More on this amazing discovery in a second!

These solfeggio tones and healing frequencies allow us to gain more control over our emotions, which in a large degree control our lives.

Did you know we can now use the proven and time-tested knowledge of sound frequencies and healing frequencies of electromagnetic impulses to improve our health and re-wire our brains? Let us explore more about Einsten’s sound healing quote.

What Are Solfeggio Frequencies? ⁣

Ancient civilizations have used these energetic relationships, the frequency/pulse of the earth and the solfeggio frequencies for over 5,000 years.

They are now finally being studied more deeply and recognized by modern science.

Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific tones of sound. These tones help with and promote numerous aspects of body and mind health.

These healing frequencies date back to ancient history and are the fundamental sounds used in both Western Christianity and Eastern Indian religions.

They are presented in chants by the Gregorian Monks and were used in ancient Indian Sanskrit chants.

Physician and researcher, Dr. Joseph Puleo, rediscovered and brought Solfeggio frequencies to the forefront of modern society in the 1970s.

This new enlightenment resulted in bringing their benefits back into public awareness.

In Dr. Puleo’s research, he used the system of mathematical numeral reduction to identify six measurable tones that bring the body back into balance and aid in mental and even physical healing.

Because of this research and implementation, scientists believed Solfeggio frequencies to affect the conscious and subconscious mind dramatically.

If used properly, they can be very effective in stimulating healing and promoting vitality.

Because of Dr. Puleo’s work providing a renewed interest, many scientists have since uncovered even more evidence which justifies and supports the positive effects that these frequencies have on the human body.

Some of the most studied and used are: Healing Waves (174 Hz), Rejuvenation (285 Hz), Anxiety Healer (396 Hz), Energy Cleansing (417 Hz), Positive Vibrations (432 Hz), and Emotional Release (528 Hz).

This data and understanding of how sound frequencies are an influence within the human psyche is uncovering how we in the modern world can use healing frequencies for their ability to create positive changes in mind-body systems.

Solfeggio Frequencies To Activate DNA

The most exciting part is, once understood by the individual, they can actually be used to activate DNA.

Not so fast, however. This process must be learned, understood, and applied properly through sound healing instruments, as you will see.

What this means is that through properly regulating our body’s nervous system, though sound healing lies the root of our deepest growth & healing potential.

According to geneticists worldwide, we as humans only use about 3% of our DNA.

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There is a structure of double helix strand DNA which holds incredible amounts of information.

What is DNA Activation?

Do we influence our DNA programming when we have negative thoughts and emotions? Could we heal faster if we reset our DNA to its factory settings?

Our DNA is composed of 12 strands. From those 12 strands of DNA, we only use 2. So what happens to this huge part of our DNA? Is it asleep within our bodies? There are 10 unused strands which are well known as Junk DNA or Shadow DNA.

Can you imagine the amount of information and abilities that are stored in Junk DNA?

Ever wondered what our capabilities would be if we unlock that huge amount of data?

We had most of what our DNA effects within the body mistaken. Our DNA alone does not make us sick if we have a specific gene.

Our behavior influences how we develop when we adapt to the surrounding environment.

There are many similarities between DNA and language. DNA is the language our cells use to perform their duties.

It’s basically our survival guide and, moreover, the blueprint of existence.

Our DNA stores all the possibilities, all the potential, all the ideas, history, everything. It’s like an open book about who we are, but we have forgotten how to read it.

Well, this is DNA activation. A shortcut back to yourself and opening the pathway to using more of it. That pure self which is unhurt and healed.

That self which isn’t tired most of the time, and is always happy to overcome challenges life throws at you.

How Does The Activation Process Work?

Imagine the amount of information stored in the double helix DNA strand structure.

What if Junk DNA, which is 97% of our DNA, is just dormant information and untapped potential?

There are different techniques practiced through sound healing to activate this innate potential that sleeps for now.

The cool part of DNA Activation is that it can be done remotely, however, proper guidance is necessary. Techniques and structure are critical in the application of this science.

Once you learn the technique, you can apply it whenever you feel you are experiencing panic and anxiety attacks, emotional blockages, bouts with depression, repetitive and self-sabotaging negative thoughts, fatigue, etc.

After DNA Activation, there will be a timeframe in which your entire mind, body, and spirit will recalibrate to their original vibration and frequency.

It’s like you are a musical instrument that needs occasional attunement to the sound and frequency vibration that it was designed to.

The significant part is you will know when you need re-tuning, why this is happening, and exactly what to do about it.

If you have the tools, which you will have time to see in a minute.

What Are The Benefits of DNA Activation?

These sound healing benefits include:

Improves sleep patterns

Elimination of physical pain

Strengthens your immune system

Heals depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, and negative emotional patterns

Enhances your overall abilities physically, mentally, and emotionally

Clears self-sabotaging patterns

Cells heal faster because of your stronger immune system

Greater creativity—cells that heal faster communicate with more ease

Opens your inner sight, providing deep clairvoyance

Intrinsic communication improvement with your multi-dimensional self

Why should you activate your DNA?

You’ve just seen ten, but let us go a little deeper.

Do you feel much of the day that you’re in a rut? Whatever your efforts, you end up in the same patterns? Are you experiencing emotional blockages of any kind?

Do you feel you have lots of potential but it’s not showing results? Is there any repressed trauma in your life?

Are you trying to manifest abundance in your life and your results are not as you are imagining?

Life is not supposed to be drudgery. We are here to experience life’s beauty and enjoyment, along with love and kindness. Have you ever wondered if there is a shortcut that will help you return to yourself faster?

Sound Healing Frequencies

Our thoughts and emotions have a frequency. Sound waves also stimulate our immune response, facilitate the release of stress, anxiety (even trauma), harmonize the body’s cells, balance the body’s energy systems, decreasing the heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension and calm our emotions.

This diagram below represents the levels of consciousness and calibration of emotions. I took this from a study completed by Dr. David Hawkins, MD., Phd., a widely known authority within the fields of consciousness research and spirituality, science and mysticism, and an author of over a dozen books.

map of emotional scale

A great example is to point out why people riot. Let us focus on the column entitled Level. Notice the feeling of Apathy and where it falls on the chart, carrying a Log of only 50. Now look at where the feeling of Anger lives on the chart, carrying a Log of 150.

Do you see where anger feels better than apathy? This is why people take to the streets and riot.

Where Can You Realign Your DNA and Activate Unused DNA?

Experience it for yourself IF you have the courage to live your highest potential and bring forth your highest outcomes.

Using new “vibration capture technology” combined with ancient sound healing techniques, there is a Sound Healing System which contains FOUR unique “Sacred Healing Ceremonies.” Each of which is composed of the same high-vibe waves you’d feel in an in-person healing session. This includes BOTH vibrations in the form of sacred sound, PLUS those frequencies used in hands-on-QI-healing.

There are 3 gifts that are included in the system.

Warning: There Are Many People Who Are Teaching This Wrong.

There are fake gurus who will create more harm than good. If you want to belong to the side that knows how to teach this using well composed tools, then go HERE>>

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