Spirituality For Beginners

Spirituality For Beginners

There are many types of spirituality, and it’s important to know what they are and how they can be used to our benefit. Getting in touch with ourselves is the core principle of spirituality, and there are various paths a person can navigate to achieve this great attribute.

We all seek spiritual connection, whether or not we want to or admit it. Every single person on planet earth owns a living and constantly changing body that has a soul. We can say our soul and spirit are the same thing and that it is seeking connection.

When we say to achieve spirituality, we are talking about a connection within ourselves to something outside ourselves. This connection causes us to feel complete, satisfied, and non-fragmented. It fills the hole in the heart, so-to-speak.

Some people seek spiritual connection to reach a heavenly realm, while others seek it to feel good and to feel complete, without a belief in a life after death.

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Some people take spiritual connection so far as to get a euphoric feeling within themselves. Many can even seem to have taken a hallucinogenic drug. They get so drawn up into the experience, it’s like they become a different person altogether.

When this happens, they are experiencing a large release of dopamine hormone inside their body. Also known as the “feel-good” hormone, dopamine is a hormone and neurotransmitter.

Many of the old-fashioned Bible churches speak in tongues. Although not as common today as decades ago, it still exists. If you’ve ever witnessed this activity, you would think the person speaking in tongues is either crazy or has a very high level of dopamine release within their body. They are definitely in a euphoric state.

Spirituality does not need to be attached to a religion or belief system. You can be spiritual anytime of day or night, and it’s up to you to decide how and when you want to experience the state of spirituality.

I can feel spiritual driving around town, or even while doing my daily chores. In the shower is a great time to feel spiritual, as the warm water caresses my body.

Here are some of the most common types of spirituality, and you’ve probably experienced one or more of them during your lifetime, whether or not you realized it.

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Mystical Spirituality

This type of spirituality focuses on the intuitional part of the soul. People who have mystical spirituality believe that there’s a greater reason for every experience in life.

Experiencing mystical spirituality means every experience goes beyond the conscious world and can be brought into one greater union and togetherness.

We’ve all heard some people say that everything happens for a reason. This is the type of person who believes there is a greater explanation behind everything that happens.

Because of this belief, they also think everything is united together for a divine and greater cause. They harbor the belief that everything happens in order to unite everything else together for the purpose of one.

Authoritarian Spirituality

This type of spirituality is believing in a hierarchical structure of things or in an authority and that it all fits within a dogma of structure.

People define their authoritarian spirituality by following a set of rules with strict lists of dos and don’ts.

Often, this type of spirituality associates with religion. It can be any religion. There are cases when not following the spiritual rules of the religion may cause conflicts in the current physical world, and even cause the spiritual practitioner to be cut off from entering a heavenly realm after this life.

People who practice an authoritarian spirituality can develop what is called a fundamentalist type of religion.

These fundamentalists believe that their religion is the most precise, direct, and truthful of all the religions and belief systems.

If not careful, they can tend to exclude other religions calling them inferior, which can have a negative effect and has proven to be the cause of radical religious terrorism.

This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to practice an authoritarian type of spirituality, however. It simply means it’s important to have empathy with others and be open to their freedom to practice the religion they see best fit for them, and without judgement.

If everyone would just treat others the way they want to be treated and not impose on them, then everybody can be happy within their own belief system.

Any real religion should never teach or recommend harm to innocent people simply because of their beliefs. Always let the law handle opposition within differing belief systems.

Intellectual Spirituality

The core belief behind this type of spirituality is knowledge is king. Intellectually, spiritual people put a top priority on gaining knowledge of spiritual theories and analyzing that information in order to extract a direction from it.

One form of this spiritual journey is theological study. We usually do this type of education at a formal seminary school.

However, intellectual spirituality is not limited to studying a formal religion. Overall, any knowledge that helps someone improve their spirituality is a form of intellectual spirituality. This could even include learning to meditate.

Service Spirituality

Probably the most common type of all forms of spirituality, service spirituality is natural to our human soul. It’s only normal and built into the human physiology for people to experience spiritual peace when they serve others.

Something special happens inside when we know we’ve enlightened someone and helped them along their way to a better and happier existence.

Although there are many ways to achieve service spirituality, the core of it is helping others and doing so, expecting nothing in return.

Doing a task or good deed that benefits someone receiving nothing in return is a common method for anyone to get in touch with their spiritual selves.

Social Spirituality

We’ve all felt the joy and excitement of meshing minds and like thoughts while socializing with someone else. This can be one-on-one or within a large group.

This type of spirituality is really achieving the experience of a spiritual awakening when surrounded by other people.

Social spirituality is also called fellowship and to others called the power of association. Many people practice being around other people when searching for greater spiritual purpose in life.

That’s why many of our parents always said to choose friends wisely. They knew the power of association and how good and bad traits can rub off on each other.

Being in religious groups—experiencing fellowship—is one way to practice this type of spirituality. It’s important to keep in mind the fact that this can also be achieved with any other form of a group, like an exercising group at the gym, a nature-related activity such as hiking on a trail with friends, or through recreational games.

Since there are multiple types of spirituality, it doesn’t mean you need to pick one type or that you should limit yourself to just one or the other.

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