The Cosmic Power Within You

The Cosmic Power Within You

For those of us who like to further understand the power of our own mind, this is a great classic teaching. Its basis is getting a life full of more abundance. This can be more than material goods.

Your inner power can heal your body and set you on the high road to happiness, peace, and freedom. If you are seeking your authentic place in life, then you can open this cosmic power, allowing you to move upward and onward in victorious wins.

This isn’t about something so metaphysical that it’s off track, a cultish diversion, or highly questionable.

These principles are real and proven in today’s world.

I used to laugh at preachers like Benny Hinn, and how he would call people on stage and put his hand on their forehead making them pass out. Much of that was a scripted act, and it gave ministers who have good intent a bad name. I notice he’s not on TV anymore.

Learning to have a strong positive and healthy outlook on life is a learned skill. Our minds naturally want to go toward the negative. The constant mind chatter is uncontrollable at times and creates mental diversions during our waking hours.

What we think about creates a physical reality of the fruition in our life. In other words, what we are thinking about most of the time becomes reality. This is what the late great Earl Nightingale said.

It’s super important to learn proper use of positive self talk and affirmations as you go about your daily routine. Control your mind or it will control you. This is what mindfulness is.

You are never out of touch with cosmic guidance, even if you think you are. You may block its flow within, yet in reality, you are never out of touch. It is impossible to be, so be mindful of when you are blocking the energy.

Too many men and women forget about this. They feel isolated and helpless. They feel alone and like an empty soup can in a garbage dump.

The feelings of beauty, love, harmony, and peace need to be flowing through your body all the time. One of the most important things I learned a few years ago was how to be living in the Honeymoon Effect. That’s what Dr. Bruce Lipton calls it in his book entitled the same. Do you know what the word autotelic means? It’s got to do with being inspired during your day. That’s part of how you develop the Honeymoon Effect.

Once the mind is under control, the sky is the limit of what you can accomplish. So many people need help and guidance in our world today. By learning this information, one more person is now equipped with tools that can transform societies.

By tapping further into infinite intelligence, your life will change dramatically in a good way. Tapping into the river of inner peace within puts you into a flow state and constant approval to achieve your mind’s desires.

It’s important to keep them healthy and on a moral and legitimate level that only serves in the highest regard.

I think you should protect and treat your life with supreme value. You may believe in re-incarnation, and that the next run will be better, but I don’t take that chance.

What if it’s not? What if that’s a farce? That’s why it’s best to live your best life possible now with what’s guaranteed. That guarantee is this moment.

By starting today and combining these days together so as the individual parts create a whole using the power of synergy and creating an exponential value, like I teach in my habit stacking class.

Build stacks of habits and create a habit machine in your life. This all begins with your thinking and by tapping into the cosmic power within you.

You know you’ve gone this far in this life and been a dutiful servant at least part of the time. Now it’s time to be a great servant to only yourself for now. How can you help others properly if you aren’t completely prepared first? That’s like leading a pack of horses off the edge of a cliff, only to meet despair at the rugged bottom.

I’m not talking about overloading yourself here, either. You’re simply reinvesting in yourself and producing profits within your own mind and physiology. This is incredibly huge.

If you want to train your mind to use the principles of the Honeymoon Effect, where your life is like one big honeymoon all day, then go get your Cosmic Energy Profile here. It’s your first step to aligning with the cosmic energy that is within. If you don’t take this step, you may never understand how to properly align. You have nothing to lose.

This video below is a reading of Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book “The Cosmic Power Within You”.

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Martin Hamilton

Martin enjoys writing and blogging. Martin has a background in Psychology, Mindfulness Practices, and Organizational Development. Martin believes the true teacher never controls anyone's life in any way—instead, they merely explain how to advance consciousness, and that results in true personal freedom.

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