What Are The Phases Of Life?

What are the phases of life?

I was in a conversation recently with a Van life Nomad and he was solidifying his perspective of why everyone should live in a van in the middle of nowhere or down by the river. I understood his point and how it fit his perspective and age group, yet I also realized how it wasn’t a good choice for many others. Here’s why…

How would a 22 year young male enjoy living on the range with nobody to date and with all that energy to spend during the day? The energy level of a 22-year-old versus a 55-year-old male is quite different.

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Through our conversation, the memory of a psychology class I took decades ago sprang into my mind. It was the Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs chart.

I also paired this with a synopsis. One I had also learned somewhere, I think from a financial planner, about the phases of life. To simplify that, I’ve provided it in 4 easy-to-understand phases.

What Are The Phases Of Life?

1- Learning phase. Birth to finishing school.

2- Earning and accumulation phase.

3- Distribution phase. Living it up.

4- Old age. Assisted living.

Each of these phases have their own area of needs and activities, which allow one to self-actualize, meeting the criteria to rise to the top of the Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs model.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Cosmictuning.com
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

How does this correlate to the van life, and the lifestyle of a nomad who wants to live in the desert or down by the river, away from society and on their own terms?

That Van life pocket of people mostly fit into category 3. They’ve self actualized through producing either in their own business or working for a corporation and many have saved or invested in a company pension allowing them to live a higher level of existence as a nomad in the desert or down by the river.

Back to our 22-year-old male. How much would he self actualize away from young women that would be potential lifetime mates and how would he manage his high energy levels?

What would he do to feel like he was contributing to society and being productive? I say he would never be self actualizing and might even become depressed.

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This is how many young people get on drugs and abuse alcohol. It’s mainly the fact of idle time can correlate to evil time and if we aren’t directing our lives toward being our best selves, based on the phase of life we’re in, then we can easily become unhappy and feel dejected.

Another big point is to realize in the age group of the distribution phase, the human body is slowing down dramatically.

Body hormones are changing and the metabolism is slower. We filled the mind with memories and experiences that provide peace, and the yearning to search for a mate is much lower.

Having this life experience aids us also by providing much more peace and less frustration, for the men especially.

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