What Is Manifestation?

What is Manifestation?

What does it mean to make something actually manifest in your life?

The word manifest means to appear, display, make real, or exhibit. It’s a verb ⁠which makes it an action word…

To manifest something is to make it appear or happen almost out of thin air. Don’t confuse it with magic or sorcery. Manifestation methods are real and you can learn them.

This means to bring it out of the world of your dreams, and to establish it to be present in your life every day.

Is manifestation even possible to achieve?

With the law of attraction it definitely is, and it’s a learned skill-set we’re going to dive into throughout this article.

You just need to understand how the law works. This way you can apply it so it works in your favor. If you don’t use it correctly you can manifest what you don’t want.

If you really want to align your mind to answer what is manifestation and change your life, without having to get another 4 year college degree in psychology, then you need to commit 7 minutes and read this entire article right now.

The intent here is for you to understand this concept in the foundational realm. It is complex in it’s entirity so your basic foundation is very important.

How To Manifest Anything You Want

The formula for understanding manifestation is both art and science. Here’s a direct answer that will help you understand how to answer the question, what is manifestation?

In most cases we don’t manifest what we want. We manifest what we are. If you’ve continuously been getting things you don’t want in your life then get ready to have a shift in mindset.

You may not agree with that right now but I’m an honest person and feel deeply inside that you must hear this right away.

Learn to manifest your desires

Many of the fake guru’s out there just want you to buy something and will tell you different.

Not here and not me. You’ll learn more about what that specifically means. So stick with me here for a few more minutes.

Also know up front that what you’re reading now isn’t a kindergarten level “5 steps to” type procedure like most blog posts or magazine articles you’ll read on this super important topic.

That’s virtually useless and just fluff to fill needless and useless webpage and print space.

No worries though because I’m still going to leave a list of 5 steps to manifestation at the end of this article because I over-deliver by nature.

Now I’m guessing for a lot of you this is probably not your first time wanting to learn more about manifesting.

The first thing I want to mention is that if you’ve failed at manifesting abundance in the past, it’s not your fault.

There is a lot of information out there, and it can be confusing. Many times that overload of information keeps you from success.

In manifesting abundance you’ve got to find alignment first through destiny tuning, then take action.

Find your confidence, direction, and power, then do it on your own. You’ve been brainwashed to seek others approval far too much.

You’ve got to develop your own sternness and fortitude. After that you’ve got to stay focused on your manifestation decisions.

This act of constantly seeking others’ approval comes from a misunderstanding of the laws of the universe and is not in alignment with who you really are.

Timidity needs to be pushed aside and solid inner confidence must arise. This is where you need to look deeply inside yourself and admit who you are because that’s what you’re going to manifest as we spoke of earlier.

My friend Ed Mylett says to build that unwavering confidence to manifest your dreams you start with keeping what you promise to yourself. This makes you start feeling good about yourself which is a key to manifesting. You need to feel clean, clear, and ok with yourself.

Even if it’s a short list as minor as going to the store this Friday at 4 p.m. to buy weekly groceries, keep this promise to yourself. Another example could be as simple as being on time for work every day.

If you have ever thought about manifesting more money then now is a great time to start a freelance business from your computer.

Freelance Paycheck

Fortunately You Have Your Own Personal Guidance System

Your personal guidance system is available to you all the time, but to tap into it and use it is another matter completely.

I’ll be covering the 5 specific steps on how to do that coming up in this article.

Also I always use email to further personally communicate those who want to know when more about the law of attraction and how to manifest abundance. You can subscribe at the bottom of the page.

These emails will catapult someone like you further into realizing the reality of your dreams through the process and art of manifestation of your innermost desires.

As the great philosopher Yogananda says, it takes time to revivify a weakened power of will, faith, or imagination in a patient suffering from chronic disease, because their brain cells are subtly grooved with thoughts of illness.

This bad habit of disease consciousness, similarly can be compared with how it will take some time to form a good habit of health consciousness. In this case it’s allowing yourself to have the consciousness that you believe you can manifest abundance in your life.

This requires some change because as we all know, the definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Looking back and remembering this scene from my past, I’m going to use it to illustrate a point.

When I was manifesting right out of high school, creating and expanding who I was as a late teenager, I had parts of this manifesting formula and didn’t know it as you do as well.

Later in the second year of college, and while in military service in the Navy, I met a man in front of the house I was renting just off the campus of ODU in Norfolk Virginia during the spring of 1986.

His name was John and he was a retired Navy veteran with over 20 years of service experience. He built instant credibility and respect with me. It also meant he had lots of experience and ability with leading a young fellow like me. Respect goes a long way.

He admired my attention span, built rapport quickly with his people skills, and asked if I would critique a business plan he had been writing. He taught me many things about how to manifest your dreams and some it is what you’re learning now.

I’ll speak of him more in later posts, articles, and emails because his impact was huge. Transferring this over to you is significant.

But first, more about you

It’s my utmost and highest wish you understand your personal guidance system for manifesting abundance.

You’ll return to the alignment with the power that flows to and through you.

Taking the time to seek this broader perspective is going to serve you ten fold.

You’re going to be deliberately finding alignment with who you really are. Who you were put here on earth to be.

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After Birth We As Humans Become Disoriented

We’re constantly seeking who we really are. During this search it’s easy to get confused and lose touch with our inner selves.

Chances are you’ve done, or tried to do something like this before in your past. You’ve just not taken it to this level of understanding, implementation, and of manifesting abundance before now.

This is a specific skill-set only few really comprehend, know internally, and practice in their lives intentionally.

You’re going to be more charismatic, more directive, attractive, and more powerful on your own, than millions of people grouped together who don’t know these techniques and skill-sets. You will be living in full confidence and completely centered if you do it right.

Another huge secret to share with you right now is from a master of manifestation.

It’s an acronym with the letters PAOL. What is means is you are not your Possessions. You are not your Accomplishments. You are not what Others think. You are not your Looks.

Realizing these four will clear your mind of obstructions and interference so you can manifest new abundance in your life.

That may enlighten some of you and dishearten others. Just know this is true.

You are going into a new manifestation period. What’s done is already done. It’s now time to look ahead and on to…

Manifest Your Desires

The single most flawed approach to take in manifesting what you want, and that you should avoid, is to care more about what someone else thinks about you than what you are feeling when you think of the good qualities you have about yourself.

People are selfish and their internal interest is for you to please them rather than you please yourself.

In other words they’re saying don’t you dare please yourself but instead please and satisfy me.

The law of manifesting your desires is heavily connected to your subconscious mind. Compare it to the iceberg that sunk the titanic.

The small part above the water is all we see but the big part under the water is like our subconscious and is the largest part of the structure. It’s the part of your mind that actually manifests abundance.

The underwater part is what sunk the Titanic. The unseen. The most powerful part. When manifesting is practiced correctly you are going to be able to use your subconscious mind in a positive way, instead of the negative in this metaphor that sunk the titanic.

Your subconscious mind makes up 80 percent or more of who we are. We’ll be talking more about this in other articles and through emails but first…

How To Manifest Success

Earlier I spoke of my first business mentor John. He showed me a book with many of the foundational principles of manifestation and how to manifest success all laid out in it’s pages within. It was the book called Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

How lucky I thought, and began putting these principles to work instantly. Imagine being able to clear your mind of worry and doubt.

To begin appreciating instantly. When feeling down or having a low moment the ability to be able to instantly feel good now.

This is the mind over matter part. Through developing new neuropathways in our brain this principle of mind over matter goes deeper and manifests itself into the physical part of life.

Once the subconscious is programmed, and your thought patterns begin to form hardwired circuits within, circuits that fire together wire together, you will be on your way to creating just about anything you’ve ever dreamed of.

You’ll truly have developed the art and discipline of manifesting your dreams into real life. You will establish a new identity. You will be able to set your internal thermostat to match that internal identity you’ve set and built of yourself in your mind.

Your life will begin to take off, rising in altitude while reaching far beyond what you had ever dreamed possible before hand.

You will stop carrying the old story that’s been crippling your manifesting in the past and you will have developed a new identity. You will learn to upgrade your identity as new goals are met and you’ll learn to purge out old ideas and thoughts, that once served you but, that now are only getting in the way.

The reason I love teaching the law of attraction and manifestation principles is because people need to be able to feel the joy of what it’s like to live them out.

We’re here on earth for 3 reasons. To experience joy, to create, and to enjoy the feeling of exhilaration as we solve problems. That’s it.

We live our lives in this vortex of love and the attainment of value as we navigate to new creative plateaus. That’s what freedom and manifesting abundance is all about. Watch the manifestation video here.

It’s not just about things and stuff. Yes we will get these things and we will accomplish great material gain but here is the real truth.

It’s not the things themselves that matter, but how those things make us feel. It’s the feeling we’re after. It’s how they make us feel more than the actual things and material possessions themselves.

Even the great film maker of Star Wars, George Lucas talks about we spend most of our time seeking two things. Pleasure and joy.

His advice is to direct our attention to seeking joy because it’s long lasting. He talks about how pleasure has a higher excitement and vibration than joy but is very short lived.

Relating this to a new car or other material possession means it gives us short term pleasure and to maintain the “high”, so to speak, we must get more and more of it. Eventually we run out.

This is why he says to pursue joy. Keep this in mind while you’re manifesting in your life.

That’s why it’s so hard to be around people that don’t like us or that we don’t like. It’s because they ruin our joy for the moment. They make us feel awkward.

If you find you’re unhappy inside, and negative in your mindset, then being around positively aligned people is a must.

It’s important to understand other views of the world and not just think your own is the latest and greatest. Remember we all need to live together on the planet and to help each other understand principles of success.

We will get into this in later articles. We will also get into conversations about people relations, and how people attract who they are in human relations.

Manifestation video

How To Manifest What You Want Quickly

Earlier I promised to give you the 5 steps to manifest your desire. Here they are quickly and simply.

Step 1: You ask. You have a problem that arises in your life and so you ask for a solution.

Step 2: The answer is given.

Step 3: The answer which has been given, must be received or allowed by you. You have to let it in to allow yourself to manifest your desire. You must tune into the frequency of allowing. It’s called destiny tuning.

Step 4: Develop the skill-set of mastery of it. To know when you on or off. To be able to discern if you are allowing the abundance of it to enter your life, or if you are focusing on the lack of it which will void your manifestation of your desire.

Step 5: Not being discouraged when back in step 1. Not being discouraged when problems come up in your life. To keep enjoying your journey through life or to metaphorically say to enjoy your ride down the river. See life as a journey that only ends when your physical body deceases from the planet. Learn more about the 5 steps by reading Manifestation Miracle.

To get a more in depth look and how to manifest what you want quickly go HERE>>

Here are some bonus manifestation strategies! I’m over-delivering here because it’s good for everyone, so here ya go.
Shakespeare has a quote “we know what we are, but not what we may be.”

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3 Strategies To Manifest What You Want

Strategy 1: Your identity is the key to everything you manifest but you can also be successful and have a low self-image. Your identity is what you believe you are worth and deserve although as you know many famous people like actors suffer from what’s called paradise syndrome. That means suffering self-destructive behavior from feelings of unworthiness, although they’ve achieved high levels of fame and glory in their field.

Your self identity is like a thermostat on your wall. Life is dictated by this internal setting and not external circumstances because those can’t always be controlled.

It’s an internal game. You and your faith and alignment with source energy along with your internal thermostat setting will regulate your external conditions. Everything from within comes from the almighty source energy on the outside.

You should constantly be raising your internal thermostat upwards as you grow by working on your thoughts, beliefs, concepts you are bringing into your life.

Change the thoughts, beliefs, concepts and values of yourself to a higher temperature internally. Once you accept this truth you will set one of the main pillars in manifesting.

Don’t cool it down. Heat it up. It’s critical that you upgrade your identity with your new accomplishments and results.

Strategy 2: PAOL. You are not your Possessions, Accomplishments, Others opinions, or Looks.

We need to drop these old identities of ourselves that were needed at one time in our lives. These are not needed now to go into the next level of manifesting yourself.

This goes along with internal identity but should be visualized as an outer shell. Be careful of being like a representative dressed in perfect clothes who is only on good behavior.

It blocks the real person of who you really are and inhibits the effectiveness of your manifestation strategies.

It’s like dating someone for two years and all that time they are playing the representative on good behavior. They aren’t really showing you who they are inside.

They alter their true selves in order to put on a good image and represent who they think you want them to be and like them to be. Then you get married.

All of a sudden something happens and you’re in a state of shock. How could this person change all of a sudden? They didn’t actually change, it’s that they have removed their disguise and are now showing who they really are.

They let their real self show. They’ve now relaxed and stopped being the representative on perfect behavior. They’re showing you who they really are internally. It’s important to now start getting out of the representative attitude.

Be careful with this because staying in it blocks your true identity and will prevent you from manifesting your desires.

Start aligning with the source that created you. With the good frequency of growth, positiveness, and abundance.

Strategy 3: Put yourself around people that have a higher internal temperature than you.

Alter and raise your internal thermostat through association. Get your burning desire inside that is at a higher temperature.

This is not wild and out of control but at a solid temperature that’s steady and moving you to your passion. It can be compared with what we talked about above of pursuing joy vs. pleasure.

Go for joy because it will make you happy and is everlasting while pleasure is short lived and extinguishes quickly. Associate with people who are at a higher goal level or attitude you want to obtain. At a higher level than you are now.

You don’t need to enter into a coaching program necessarily or join a professional group to do this. Just consciously study those you know are where you want to be.

Consciously and intentionally be around them and study them. You can even watch videos or listen to their podcasts or programs. I recommend a coaching program and training program on both audio and video that’s helped tons of people whom I’ve never met or talked to.

A technique for manifesting a higher temperature in your life is to do a short burst of intense commitment. Add some new positive associations into your life.

Train with some new people you know who are where you want to be, and keep doing it for several weeks.

This shock will enforce a foundation for your new identity. You will be upgrading your identity as you increase results in your life.

Learn more about how to manifest and about what is manifestation by going here.

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