What Is Spiritism?

What Is Spiritism?

For many of you, it will be important to realize that you may not know exactly how to access the spiritual world or spiritual solutions to your problems. The key, however, is to fully realize a spiritual solution exists. 

Some people think it’s of importance to separate physical from spiritual. I don’t see it like this. It is important to see spirituality as part of the physical, rather than to separate these two dimensions of our living reality. 

Spirit Is That Which We Can’t Identify With Our Senses

The wind blows the trees, yet we can’t see it. Understanding how to make a flower grow by planting a seed and adding water is not the part of making a flower grow we are going to be finding solutions to our problems in life with. 

Instead of trying to unravel the mystery of the invisible force that starts life, instead let’s learn about how to use these principles through Spiritism and the craft of Cosmic Tuning in order to get what we want out of life and to be happy

This spiritual energy is everywhere, and in everyone and in everything. When we accept and take a step of recognition—accepting its real and is there, then we begin the process of accessing this power that is all-knowing.

Spiritism Is Looking Within

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Before we accomplish any of this, it’s important for you to recognize you are a spiritual being.

Spiritism is looking within yourself, and it’s important to realize there is no need to explain or defend yourself as you go within. Spiritism, in its true form, should be absent from materialism. It is of the spiritual world only. That manifestation of the physical comes after the recognition and understanding of spiritism. 

The inherent weakness of spiritism is materialism. That does not mean you must sell your car or house to be experiencing spiritism. It means these are irrelevant to the ability to look within. 

There are no qualifications, such as needing to make a certain amount of money per year or have a college degree to embrace spiritism.

What Is Meant By Spiritual

In the Bhagavad-Gita, which is the ancient holy book of the ancient East, it says, “We are born into a world of nature; our second birth is into a world of spirit.”

Spirit is the life force of Cosmic Consciousness within us. It is the spiritual self. Whatever draws the mind outward is unspiritual, and whatever draws the mind inward is spiritual. 

We Seek Outward It’s Delivered Within

It’s important to distinguish that we look outward to seek the source, which is Cosmic Consciousness, yet it is delivered to us within. 

It is, and has always been, part of our heart and soul. It’s been there, yet many have not used the principle of recognition to identify it. 

Because of this, Cosmic Consciousness hasn’t been able to grow and mature inside of us. Part of recognizing the spirit of Cosmic Consciousness within is education like this. Someone or something had to make you aware of it being there. It has always been there!

Being One Yet Having Two Aspects

The key to understanding spirituality is this idea of this inner and outer world being one, yet having two unique aspects of being human. 

A great way for us to think of this is to reference the physical to a lightbulb, and the spiritual to electricity, which has been around as long as spirituality. Let us realize we didn’t make a religion of it when it was discovered, just like we don’t need to make a religion out of spiritism to recognize or experience it. 

Just as the electricity powers the light bulb, so can the result of recognizing spiritism within enhance human life. In my experience, it can greatly brighten the soul of a human when it’s cultivated.

We can compare this to when we reference spiritual—it does not need to be synonymous with religion. 

Religion Is Rules, Scriptures, And Doctrine

Religion is rules, and scriptures maintained by people over long periods of time. Generally speaking, people are born into it and expected to maintain those parameters without question over their lifetime. 

These are actually customs and expectations from outside the person and many times do not fit into the definition of spiritual or spiritism. Just like you don’t stand in a garage and call yourself a car, you don’t stand or sit inside a place of worship and call yourself spiritual or say you are practicing spiritism without recognizing what it is. 

One good thing about organized religion is its ability to allow anyone to find their spiritual self. Most people who attend church are spiritual and are involved in spiritism in one form or another—it’s just well known that not everyone who attends such services is truly experiencing spiritism or is cultivating a healthy spiritual life. 

There are many reasons for this and that’s why it’s important to look at the subject with an open mind and free yourself from the dogma of society. 

Spirituality And Spiritism Are From Within

Spirituality is from within, spiritism is from within. It is born within each of us because of source energy, which we can call Cosmic Consciousness or God. 

We are put here to find out as much as we can about this earth, ourselves, and Cosmic Consciousness. Let us remember we seek Cosmic Consciousness from within, although the source of it is from the outside. It works through people. Animals operate on a different level of spirit and objects operate on the laws of science and the earth. 

Our human flesh and blood are imprinted with the image of Cosmic Consciousness. 

It’s important to note that in order to increase our spiritual development, we must look outward to Cosmic Consciousness in faith. This faith brings us into the belief that it exists and we are to believe likewise we will receive. 

If we earnestly seek Cosmic Consciousness with faith, we will receive. We will begin to strengthen our spirit within and like any other muscle, with proper use and setting of spiritual goals we will find spiritual wellness—thus implementing spiritism.

Martin Hamilton

Martin enjoys writing and blogging. Martin has a background in Psychology, Mindfulness Practices, and Organizational Development. Martin believes the true teacher never controls anyone's life in any way—instead, they merely explain how to advance consciousness, and that results in true personal freedom.

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