Cymatics Healing

Cymatics Healing

Have you thought about understanding and learning Cymatics healing for removing physical and emotional pain from your mind and body?

If you know little about cymatics and healing with sound, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m a huge believer in sound healing.

Use Cymatics to control & remove anxiety and stress from your life forever.

One thing is for sure, if you want to release your blockages and any negativity, you have to first understand where it is coming from.

It’s like a tree. There are the roots, trunk, branches, and leaves. You’re smart because you’ve come to a place where you will learn from the root, and not the withering leaves.

The flimsy branches and leaves wither away and are temporary, so why are we focusing so much on them.?

Your blockages, negativity, anxiety, and harmful stresses are rooted in your physiology. You are a vibrating being.

You Are a Divine Being In Human Form.

And, As Part of The Divine…

You did NOT come here to live a life of worry, struggle, and exhaustion…

You did NOT come here to suffer in chronic pain, discomfort, and sickness…

You did NOT come here to live a life of desperation, to provide the basic income you need…

Sound healing is vibration and closely tied with Cymatics and more than acoustic sound healing. How?

Vibration sound healing Cymatics looks at the effects of sound vibrations on matter. It also lets us see what frequency looks like, which is what everyone and everything is vibrating with.

For example, when you put an object on a metal plate and you make the plate vibrate with high-frequency sounds, the object on the plate will probably jump around.

As the sound goes us, the object shifts and sways with the rising vibrations. Thus, that is what frequency looks like.

We have talked about this a lot of times already—energy is vibration.

What researchers have confirmed is…

There is “Sacred Geometry” within You & I… the Plants and Animals, the Moon and Sun.

We’re all created by SOUND and sound is vibration. That’s why vibrational sound healing works.

As amazing as this is, it actually ISN’T brand new. They foretold this discovery in the Bible… ancient Yogic texts… and even an ancient Egyptian tablet carved 2,500 years before Christ!

Use Cymatics to activate Shadow DNA, new science, see it HERE>>

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors had this knowledge. There is science behind sound healing.

Virtually Every Advanced Ancient Civilization Were Filled With Sacred Sound Healers!

One of the most famous was an ancient Greek named Pythagoras. Also known as “The Father of Sound Healing”. You may remember him from his Pythagorean theorem in geometry class from school.

In 500 B.C., he proclaimed that EVERY sound had its own unique character… and together contribute to a WHOLE…

A kind of “Sound of Creation.”

This understanding led him to compose high vibrational sound melodies designed to…

  • Purify the mind
  • Re-balance the soul…

And YES… Pythagoras is not alone!

Figures from across the world harnessed sound to heal, from the Egyptian “Star King” Khufu, builder of the Pyramid of Giza… Native American Shamans, Aborigines, and even, as mentioned in my some of my other articles the “chanting monks” of Europe.

But, over time, governments, the Vatican, and wealthy elites SUPPRESSED and, sometimes, BURIED this powerful knowledge to keep it out of our hands. And for hundreds of years, they’ve been quite successful…

That Is Until Now!

Over the years, we’ve been in the sound studio… recreating the “sounds of creation” once harnessed by our ancestors. Sounds that just might be the highest vibration sound waves in the entire universe.

Aligning your vibrations to what you want to feel will help you reach them. And that’s exactly what you can get out of sounds. The key is, you need to listen to the right sounds to get to that level. There is a structure here and if not followed can create problems.

Nowadays, we are more focused on thoughts and emotions.

We already know how touchy everyone is, taking almost everything as an offense against them. This is only going to get worse, but the fact is you can break out of this upward negative trend. You can do it starting today.

Here you are going to learn how to focus on energy waves as well.

Remember, it’s not only the words that come out of our mouths that have the most weight in manifestation, the tones and frequencies can also move things. I can still hear my mother raise her voice when she was upset with me. It wasn’t so much what she said that got my attention, but the tonality and frequency of her voice.

Hence, the Sacred Sound Healing System (SSHS) can help you move your life towards healing and peace just like it has for me.

SSHS will help you heal, clear away fears and doubts, break long strings of anxiety patterns, allow you to battle chronic stress and defeat it for good in only a few days. Create long-lasting relationships, and welcome true abundance in your life.

SSHS comes with three ceremonies:

  • The Divine Clearing Ceremony
  • The Heart Awakening Ceremony
  • The Whole Body Healing Ceremony
  • The Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremony

Each ceremony includes tracks that are encoded with 5D Biofield healing frequencies. These ceremonies will help you heal and clear away blockages that are holding you back, keeping you from living a happier life.

It comes with two great additional gifts as well that can also improve the quality of life.

Just think about this—you harnessing your own energy to send intention with tone… Isn’t that an amazing and exhilarating experience?

Click here to get yours now.

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Martin enjoys writing and blogging. Martin has a background in Psychology, Mindfulness Practices, and Organizational Development. Martin believes the true teacher never controls anyone's life in any way—instead, they merely explain how to advance consciousness, and that results in true personal freedom.

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